What is Anne Caroline and what can we offer you?

What is Anne Caroline and what can we offer you?

  • As a consumer you have access to all products with 50% discount for an indefinite period;
  • Representing Anne as a reseller in your region giving you 100% profit on all products;
  • Developing and leading a team, ensuring bonuses on the production of the entire network;

Be free

Have your own routine, you define where and when to work.

Be happy

Have the happiness of working in a prosperous and healthy business.

Ideal Trends Group

The Ideal Trends Group is made up of 25 companies linked to the industry, business management, health and wellness and the best online technologies.

Be Anne Caroline

Define your routine, prepare yourself with our free courses, count on the support of Anne Caroline Global and guarantee an extra income now.

Our fundamentals


  • Honesty;
  • Commitment;
  • Ethic;
  • Moral;
  • Honor;
  • Loyalty.


  • In yourself;
  • In the vision and solidity of the company;
  • Product quality;
  • In business development;
  • Where do you want to go.


  • Constancy;
  • Focus;
  • Subject;
  • Daring;
  • Decision.


  • Personal achievements;
  • Realization of dreams;
  • Financial freedom;
  • Personal development.

Entenda nossos selos


Products developed with nanotechnology create extremely small particles (nanoparticles) that are able to penetrate the deepest layers with the formulation, intensifying the applied benefits


To clarify “cruelty free”, meaning that no animas suffered or died during the manufacture of our products. We do not perform or support any type of animal testing

Paraben free

Paraben-free product – Preservatives normally used in cosmetics, as they have an allergenic potential


Vegan product, that is, created without any animal ingredients. Our formulas have synthetic raw materials (amino acids, peptides) and derivatives from nature (vegetable oils and extracts)

Mineral oil-free

Formulated without Mineral Oil – A petroleum derivative whose refining process is considered polluting and toxic

Fragrance free

Fragrance-free product – Safer for people who are allergic to fragrance components

I’m green plástico

The plastic used in the product packaging is derived from sugarcane, a 100% renewable and non-polluting source