"Be free and happy"



  • To be an ambassador of good news that brings an opportunity for freedom and happiness to as many people as possible
  • To be a channel of hope for those who need to improve their quality of life through a solid, upright and fun endeavor
  • To be a people’s developer
  • To be, through our products, a channel of well-being and self-esteem to people
  • Be an example, example of success


  • Freedom for personal development
  • Freedom to develop your career anywhere in the world
  • Freedom to choose who you want to walk with
  • Freedom to set your goals
  • Freedom to determine where you want to go
  • Freedom to create your own assets and acquire wealth


  • Happy for the Company environment
  • Happy for Personal Development
  • Happy for your career
  • Happy to work with the truth
  • Happy for the other’s development
  • Happy to make your dreams come true
  • Happy for the success


José Paulo Pereira Silva
Ideal Trends Group CEO and Anne Caroline Global President

One of the greatest entrepreneurs in the technology sector in Latin America José Paulo is 45 years old, loves his family, married and has two children

Since his youth, he has always been eager for results and hard work. He devoted much time to his education, with a degree in Production Engineer; he has in his DNA an incessant search for knowledge.

Currently, he holds a master’s and PhD in Business Administration and a Postdoctoral in International Relations from FCU/USA.

n 1995 he began his first business and in the last two decades he has built a multi-millionaire group of 21 companies, operating in the most diverse areas of activity.

President of the "Grupo Ideal Trends" one of the most promising business conglomerates in Brazil, that is also expanding abroad.

José Paulo implemented practice management principles lived by each employee and fostered a solid and effective culture in every sense.

With a keen vision for new business, José Paulo is not only limited to his own growth, he dedicates himself to the development and mentoring of thousands of people, giving his employees the opportunity to become partners in their companies through meritocracy and their leadership by example.

During this period, José Paulo has already developed more than a hundred leaders, gave more than a dozen opportunities for partnership in his businesses, and under his guidance transformed simple and dedicated employees into business people of great results, among them young individuals who already have their financial freedom.

Based on, integrity, results, constancy and faith, and believing that sharing is multiplying, José Paulo is happy to pass on all his knowledge to the development of people in different areas of life.



  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Ethics
  • Moral
  • Honor
  • Loyalty


  • In yourself
  • In the solidity of the company
  • In the company vision
  • In the product quality
  • Where you want to go
  • In business development
  • In a business lasting for generations


  • Constancy
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Daring
  • Decision


  • Personal Achievements
  • Dream Realization
  • Financial Freedom
  • Personal Development